The Savior’s Practice of Prayer

Pray about the Father’s Plan
John 17
Matthew Raley (02/28/10)
We have many problems with prayer. Does prayer move God? How? If God does not change his mind, then why should we pray at all? John answers these questions. In this sermon we will see that prayer is a privilege given to us for abiding in the fellowship of the Triune God.

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Christianity Targeted on Christ’s Return

Christianity Targeted on Christ’s Return
1 Thessalonians 4:13 – 5:11
Matthew Raley (02/14/10)

Evangelicals have lost the art of defiance. On one side, they are too ingratiating toward the lies our culture tells. In particular, they are intimidated by the insistence of our culture that all spiritual traditions are equivalent and that there are many ways to God. On the other, they stubbornly position themselves in the stupidest places. They spew political rhetoric. They try to use insult humor on people they disagree with. They oversimplify other people’s pain. In this sermon we’ll see the correct grounds for defying this world.

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Christianity Expressed in Action

Christianity Expressed in Action
Acts 2:42-47
Matthew Raley (02/07/10)

One of the great issues of today among evangelicals is whether life-change is part of the salvation experience. In this sermon we’ll see that to excuse believers from the Spirit-led way of life is to harden their hearts against the true gospel, and to change the terms of God’s redemptive plan.

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