Jesus and the Eyewitness

The Death and Resurrection of Christ
John 19:17-42

Matthew Raley (03/28/10)

John is an eyewitness who saw the fulfillment of ancient words. In this sermon we examine three old testament texts that prefigure the death of Jesus, and that appear in John 19.

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Jesus and His Accusers

The Death and Resurrection of Christ
John 18:1-19:16

Matthew Raley (03/21/10)

This is the season in which we prepare ourselves for Resurrection Sunday, a preparation that requires us to look at what Jesus went through in his passion. In this sermon we focus on what was at stake in his trials.

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The Savior’s Practice of Prayer, Pt 3

Pray for Those the Father Gave You
John 17
Matthew Raley (03/14/10)

A rich life in prayer focuses on God’s revealed plans and on our place in them. But our prayers need to go beyond that. We are to pray for the saints and make intercession for them. In this sermon we will sell what intercession is.

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The Savior’s Practice of Prayer pt 2

Pray for Your Role in the Father’s Plan
John 17
Matthew Raley (03/07/10)

Many Christians struggle with how to pray for themselves. What should I ask for? Are there things I shouldn’t ask for? How do I know my motivations are right? Isn’t it basically selfish to ask God to do things for me? In this prayer (John 17) Jesus makes many requests for himself. In this sermon we’ll see that we need to pray for ourselves. But prayer is our opportunity to shift our focus from ourselves to God, even in the midst of asking him to provide for our needs.

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