Jesus Cuts Peter’s Strings

How Jesus Restores Our Love
John 21:20-25

Matthew Raley (04/25/10)

The renewal of closeness with Jesus is emotionally powerful. When he restores you from a specific sin, you see his love and power in a fresh way. You have feelings of freedom, devotion, and zeal. In this sermon we’ll see the last phase in Jesus’ restoration process.

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Jesus Confronts Peter’s Problem

How Jesus Restores Our Love
John 21:15-19

Matthew Raley (04/18/10)

Bring to mind the secret that has divided you from God, the source of shame that you don’t want anyone to know. Peter has this kind of shame. In this sermon we’ll see that Jesus deals with you the same way he dealt with Peter and that restoration happens on the basis of fellowship.

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Peter Has a Problem

How Jesus Restores our Love
John 21:1-14

Matthew Raley (04/11/10)

You probably have a secret, something you’ve done that you not only want to keep hidden, but that you can barely acknowledge to yourself. Peter has this sort of problem. The Gospel of John concludes with the story of Peter’s restoration to Jesus. In this sermon we see that Jesus takes the initiative to restore relationship with you.

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Jesus and the Blind Believers

The Death and Resurrection of Christ
John 20

Matthew Raley (04/04/10)

Mary, Peter and John, even though they have been told what to expect on the third day, can only see Jesus as dead. In this sermon we learn that we are called to believe without seeing the body, strictly on the basis of what is written.

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