The Dying Boy

Three Miracles of Jesus
John 4.43-54
Matthew Raley (7-14-13)

A royal official returns, filled with anxiety, to his home in Capernaum.  He rushes to his son’s room where his manager is overseeing the boy’s care. No physician has been able to stop the boy’s decline. The most expensive treatments have accomplished nothing.

The manager says, “Jesus of Nazareth has returned to Cana.” The official has followed Jesus’s rise as a teacher. Wherever he goes, there are signs of God’s power in him and large crowds now listen to him. If Jesus can perform these kinds of wonders, then he can certainly heal the official’s son.

But he looks at the feverish boy, sinking  by the minute. Cana is more than 15 miles away. Jesus won’t do the boy any good over there. The official starts early the next morning and finds Jesus by midday. He implores him to come home with him to Capernaum to heal his dying son.

Today we begin a short series on faith.  We will see that Jesus’s response to the official teaches us a great deal about the nature of faith.

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