How We Can Mentor Each Other

6 Ways to Participate in the Spirit’s Power
1 Thessalonians 5:14
Matthew Raley (10-20-13)

In our current sermon series, Pastor Matt is teaching us the ways in which God’s people can participate in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Last week we saw that all of us need to deepen our skills. Apollos, a highly educated man, needed to deepen his skill in teaching doctrine. The Holy Spirit brought him to Priscilla and Aquila, and empowered his ministry greatly.

If we look at the challenge facing our church and our culture, so much of it boils down to skills. Couples have trouble communicating. We are challenged in our personal finances. Some lack skills in preparing nutritious food, and their diet drains their physical and emotional health. Others want to be effective in ministry, but they get discouraged because they don’t have the right tools. Many struggle to get command of their schedules.

If we had these kinds of skills, not only would our church thrive, but our culture would become more stable. The first Christians understood that these were spiritual issues. So they exhorted one another to participate in the Spirit’s power by giving and receiving mentoring.

Whether you are being mentored or mentoring someone else, the Spirit uses the process to change you. You can meet your challenges by helping others meet theirs.

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